North Pole Productions

Satire production for audio, video and web

North Pole Productions produces all the humor, satire and comical innovations we make at North Pole Gallery. Check our products in Youtube!

Shortfilms in video format
Experience Fantastic Feelings in Finland. 2010
In My Dreams Helsinki was a Bicycle Capital of the World 2011.

La vida cotidiana en Finlandia
A spanish language series about everyday life in Finland produced for the audience of Youtube, started in the year 2011.

Suomen 101 ihmettä
A Finnish language series about 101 Finnish wonders. Produced for the audience of Youtube, started in the year 2010.

Webzine Uutissirkus
A Finnish language parody newspaper in the Internet. Satire and parody of current and quite current affairs since the year 2006. Editor in chief: Gilbert Granholm. Check Uutissirkus!

Cheatingu Consulting
Our thinktank and the mother and the postman who always rings twice of all innovations. Also an ancestor of the webzine Uutissirkus. Since the year 2003, nowadays continued as a part of Webzine Uutissirkus.

Uutissirkus on the radio
In Finnish language in the year 2010. A weekly satire broadcast by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle radio 1. 47 x 15 minutes.